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A Kurd official warns of an “extensive” Iranian attack on opposition parties

A senior Iranian Kurdish official has warned that Iran plans to launch a “large-scale” attack on Kurdish opposition parties at a time when the Iranian state is witnessing protests, economic turmoil and reduced electricity supplies.

Loghman Ahmedi, a senior member of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan’s (PDKI) leadership, told Kurdistan24 on Monday that Iran is worried about domestic problems posing an existential threat to the “regime,” and is looking to divert attention from its internal issues by attacking Kurds.

“The terrible economic situation, the political situation and Iran’s wars in the region have created a situation of genuine opposition that could in turn lead to real change from within”.

“On this basis, the regime is trying to divert attention from these local crises by blaming external actors.”

Ahmadi said his party had “detailed information” that Iran was planning “massive military and terrorist operations” against the party.

Iran has launched cross-border operations against the opposition Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), especially those in the mid-1990s when the Iranian Revolutionary Guards attacked a Kurdish party base in the town of Quesengk, Arbil.

“Over the past two weeks, senior Iranian military and government officials have made very public threats against our party,” he said.

Iran’s deputy interior minister for security affairs, Hossein Zulfikar, warned on July 23 that Tehran would take over if neighboring countries did not end the movement of opposition parties in Tehran.

Ahmadi said Iran had assassinated hundreds of Party members inside the Kurdistan region since 1991.

Abdullah Mehtadi, the head of the Iranian Kurdish party Komala, on Iranian threats said”We take it very seriously.”

Mehtadi and anti-Tehran officials said Iran was cracking down on Kurds because Kurdish parties were “the most organized” among the Iranian opposition.

The KRG has long asked Kurdish opposition parties not to take the territory of the region as a launching pad for attacks on neighboring countries, especially Turkey and Iran.