The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

A Kurdish citizen, Diako Hashemi was tortured to death by the Iranian Security Force in Karaj

Diako Hashemi from Rawansar a city of Kirmashan Province.
According to Hengaw, Diako died under brutal torture after his returning from a European country to Iran and being arrested by the Iranian Security Force in Karaj.

Diyako Hashemi 24, moved to Finland in 2011, based on the information from one of his relatives, he returned to Iran tow month ago for visiting his father whose his health was unwell.

A regime’s agent informed the Iranian Security Force about his returning and they arrested him.

After two months from his arresting, the Intelligence Service of Karaj invited Diyako’s father on May 25 and informed him that his son is dead and he must bury him immediately.

Amir Hashemi, father of Diyako, is from Pisht Tang, a village of Rawansar and has lived in Karaj for 15 years.

The Iranian Security Force in Karaj has not allowed the family to bury the Diyako’s dead body in Kirmashan, thus they had to bury him in Karaj in silence in the same day.
The Hengaw reporter said that the Intelligence Service of Karaj has forced Amir Hashemi to not talk about the event with media.