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A new blow to Tehran’s mullahs

The Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Bahn railway groups have ended their activities in Iran, where sanctions have been imposed recently.

Deutsche Telekom said it had “terminated” its Iranian consulting firm Detikon in mid-May, citing “the sensitivity of Iran’s relations with the rest of the world.”

A spokesman for the German company confirmed that in the light of this decision, Deutsche Telekom, which still owns 31% of its shares, no activities in Iran.

The spokesman added that the activity of the German group in Iran was limited, as the size of the investment of “Detikon” before the closure of about 300 thousand euros.

Deutsche Pan, which owns the German state, said its two projects in Iran were engineering and consulting companies, which were “going to the end”.

A spokesman explained that the first project would end in August and the second would end in September.

European companies have re-examined investment projects following the US withdrawal from the 2015 agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and the resumption of strict economic sanctions on August 1.

Deutsche Bank and Deutsche Telekom ignored EU Foreign Minister Federica Mujerini’s call in July to the Europeans to intensify trade ties with Iran in response to the US boycott.

The German group Daimler has left Iran as French auto maker BSA is preparing to suspend its activities in the country.

In other areas, French industrial gas group Air Liquide has suspended its commercial activities in Iran.

The French oil giant “Total” is likely to withdraw from the investment project field gas.