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A working group to address Iran’s malicious activities

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Thursday the formation of a special working group to coordinate and manage US policy towards Iran to counter its malicious activities in the region as the administration of President Donald Trump moves forward with its efforts to force Tehran to adjust its behavior.

The Iran Working Group will be led by Brian Hook, who is currently director of policy planning at the State Department.

In a press conference held by Pompeo and Hook, the ministry called on countries around the world to respond to US sanctions against Iran. “The sanctions on Iran are aimed at changing their behavior and stopping their support for terrorism,” the ministry said.

Washington has pledged to mobilize international support for its new strategy “to counter Iran’s malicious activities in the region.”

Washington announced this year its withdrawal from the nuclear agreement and re-imposed sanctions on Tahrat, describing it as a destabilizing force in the region.

The United States has said it will only lift sanctions against Iran unless it agrees to negotiations for a tougher agreement.