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We are peshawa.org team going by name’s Chiya Qadri and Hiwa Shariatzadeh, we come from Sardasht a Kurdish city placed in the Eastern Kurdistan, throughout the history our people and our city have always been the victim of massacres and chemical attacks both by the Iraqi’s and the Iranian’s regime.
Even now in the modern history, our youth are being systematically killed in the prisons of the Iranian regime.
Iranian authorities are trying to control the way of the thinking and especially control the youth minds of the ethnic minorities by limiting and controlling access to information.
That why we are trying to practice our duty to our nation and spread information through internet and social media.
We are the follower of the PDKI, We Fight for Freedom, We Fight for Gender Equality Shoulder to Shoulder with our Sisters and Brothers, We Fight for Freedom of Belief in our Nation.
Our basic principle is equality. We believe in democracy and human rights and calling for a peaceful resolution of the Kurdish and ethnic problems in Iran through democratic dialogue.
However, the Iranian regime does not believe in principle of the human rights or does not showing any interest in resolving the minority’s issues in the country, and some of our greatest leader such as Dr. Ghassemlou and Dr. Sharafkandi have been assassinated in that aim.
That’s why we are supporting the PDKI’s armed struggles to liberate our nation under the suppression of the Iranian regime.
We the new generation of the Kurdish nation, call for the EU, UN and US to don’t show any fear of supporting our struggles for freedom and condemn the injustices and discrimination that is happing in Iran.

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