The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

About us is a news portal for newspaper, television, actualities and debates about what is happening in the Eastern Kurdistan, as well as raising awareness campaigns against all human rights violations by the Iranian regime. was established as a web portal in 2016 by Chiya Qadri, and managed by some enthusiasts and young activists from Eastern-Kurdistan conducts serious and critical journalism, and acts as free Kurdish arena with correct information, community criticism and debate.

The main activity is to publish news, actualities and debate regarding the fights against the Islamic regime, Kurd’s rights and development in the Middle East, and inform Kurds and the international community about the Kurdish struggles and get support to liberate the Kurdish nation from the oppression of the Islamic regime. serves as an arena where readers can keep up to date on social development, and the struggles against the Iranian regime, sharing their experiences and gaining knowledge and networking.

Our goal is to inform the world of human rights violations in Iran, contribute to the fight against the Islamic regime, and support the Kurd’s rights. We wish all the Kurds and other minorities in Iran to rise up and make a united rebellion against the dictatorial regime of the Islamic Republic of Iranian regime.Who has driven / operates a systematic mass execution of Kurds since the Islamic revelation came to power. The Iranian regime operates a systematic terror of activists and PDKI’s and other opposition members both in inside its borders and abroad. We refer to Amnesty International, and UN HRW reports on Iran’s Human Rights Crimes. wants to contribute to a society free from racism and prejudice, into a democratic, liberal and pluralistic society based on gender equality, ethnic and religious backgrounds freedoms and humanistic ethics, human perception and understanding of reality in Iran. is an independent news portal in collaboration with

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