The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

According to a statement of the congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran, change of the Islamic Republic of Iranian regime is the only way for the liberation from war and terrorism.

Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran
By changing the regime in our country, Iran either dismember the country or become a second Syria, because it is the regime of the Iranian Islamic Republic who creates this scenarios(rumors) and assist their payroll basij’s inside and outside of the country to spread those rumors among side the Iranian people.

At a time when Manouchehr Mottaki was Ahmadinejad’s foreign minister, the embassies and factors outside of the country, officially was ordered to rescue the Islamic Republic of Iranian regime from collapsing, by spreading rumors among side the Iranians outside of the country, through their connections ,and warn them that if the iranian regime falls the country will be dismembered.

Following this orders, the embassies agents and their payroll basij’s, throughout the world made this a daily dialogue and accused the national leaders of seeking independence or being separatism .
National leaders of Iran strongly denied those allegations and warn’s the Iranian people, that the only purpose of this topic is to frighten the Iranian people, and continue ruling the Islamic Republic regime in Iran , because the nationalities of Iran do not want to dismember their country, criminal looters governing the Islamic Republic of Iran, and  to neutralize the struggle for freedom and against the discriminations of the iranian people, and for the survival of their bloody goals, Iran has spread the rumors of dismembering the country.

Islamic Republic has a second scenario for their salvation,there is another rumors spreading among side the iranian people, as it follows: If the the mullahs’ regime fall, Iran will become a second Syria and it will be drawn into a civil war.

Liberal and honorable people of Iran !
Those two great lies made just for the surviving of the Islamic Republic Regime.

As we all know :
That the survival of the country and its people,is only by the annihilation of the Islamic Republic Regime in Iran, because the mullahs’ Supreme Leader of Iran, may once again start another war with neighbors near and far and even with superpowers and the situation in iran will get worse than it is right now. Due to the following reasons, we demanding the change of the Islamic Republic Regime in Iran, and we wish that all freedom lovers and anti discrimination people of the world to support and join the struggles for the changes,and help the Iranian nations to achieve their goals.

Dear Iranian people and the world!
To be saved from war and terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran should be left to the history by the will of the Iranian people, otherwise Iran in the next twenty years, due to looting and abuse management will no more be a place of living and according to the (Minister of Agriculture) fifty million of Iranians, people should have to die or emigrate from Iran for surviving from the drought.

according to this statement because of the and large fraud and the embezzlement by the rulers in the state, 80% of the  population in Iran living under the pressure of poverty.

And since the existence of the islamic republic regime being the reason of the poverty and discrimination against  the minorities in Iran, the country will collapse or it will start a civil war or another war with the neighbors countries.
And since the legitimacy and legality of the Islamic Republic Regime is being the reason for:

The killing and execution of thousands of the opponents.
Escaping millions of educated students from the country.
Export of terrorism, violence and mass killings in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and other countries to the  Argentina.
And since the Iranian regime made all the neighboring countries and the world the enemies of the state and the people.

And therefore the Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran calling for a change of the Islamic Republic regime, and establish a system based on democracy (based on freedom and equality) and secularism decentralization system (national-geographic) in a federal state.

Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran believes that after the change of the system of terrorism, criminal and predatory in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country  will be a secure place to live in peace in the world.

Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran