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Aircraft manufacturing company stops dealings with Iran

An Italian-French joint aircraft manufacturer has stopped trading with Iran and canceled the sale of a remaining portion of its cargo to a former deal.

The suspension was a commitment to US sanctions imposed on Tehran after Washington withdrew from the nuclear deal in May.

Italian airline Leonardo, owner of ATR in partnership with French airline Airbus, said it had completed its commitment to supply the remaining 8 passenger aircraft from a previous deal in 2017 to sell 20 planes to Tehran, EUR, noting that it is looking for other buyers of the deal.

“The termination of this deal with Iran is irreversible,” the German version of Deutsche Welle quoted Alessandro Profumo, chief executive of the Italian airline, as saying, adding that the remaining portion of those passenger planes would be sold to other countries before the end of the year. Current, according to him.

According to Deutsche Welle, Profumo stressed that Leonardo had no business dealings with Iran at this time. In January 2017, President Hassan Rowhani visited France and Italy, Contracts for the purchase of 20 ATR passenger planes worth 1 billion euros.