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Alert From The Secretary General Of The United Nations To The Regime Of Iran

Secretary General of the United Nations of America, regarding Iran’s interference in the affairs of neighboring countries, alerts the regime

Secretary-General of the United Nations, “Antonio Guterich” in a statement with Voice of America, saying, with regard to those who are particularly interfering with Iran in the affairs of Syria, and demanding to protect themselves from exposure

In two meetings held in Kuwait, in regard to the confrontation with the da’ash and assistance in the reconstruction of Iraq and also in relation to what is happening in Yemen, He also criticized the countries that are the cause of the crisis in Syria, and in particular referred to the name of the regime of Iran.

António Guterich also said, recently the situation has worsened more in Syria, And what is seen from the painful disasters that took place in the eastern Ghouta, Idlib and Afrin، We also see that Israel and the militias are in direct contact with Iran’s regim، There have been conflicts and wars. In order to alleviate these wars and conflicts, the United Nations has been able to find several ways to alleviate the ongoing conflict.

He also pointed out that America and the coalition countries in the region have criticized the insecure situation of Iran’s regime in Yemen