The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Another Kurdish Detainee of the Recent Protests, Died Under the Torture

With the killing of Taleb Bastivand, another detainee of the recent Protests, under torture in the prison of Ilam-Iran the number of the protesters that been killed under the torture in detention reaches at least 13.

According to the human rights organisations, Taleb Bastivand lost his live under the brutal torture, after 8 days at Ilam’s detention centre.

Taleb Bastivand was a medical student at the Ilam’s University, the Ministry of Intelligence once arrested him, during the wave of crackdowns after the national anti-government protests, but he was temporarily released on bail. Later on 18th of February, the regime intelligence agency arrested him again. After eight days, on Sunday, 25th of February, his family was informed of the death of their son in custody.

The regime intelligence agency threatened and warned his family, against giving any information about the crime to the public or any agency.

According to the Mulla’s intelligence agency the entire 13 protester/prisoners that lost their live in detention, took suicide because they were feeling guilty for the uprising against the Mulla’s-government.

This is not the first time a regime state as Iran killing their opponents under torture or even assassinate the leaders of the opposition both in the country and outside its border. Killing innocents in detention, in order to spread fear among the opponents, Not so long ago Kavoos Seyyed Emami a university professor and environmental activist killed after two week in custody.