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Bahrain Arrests 116 Alleged Members Linked To The Iran’s-IRGC Terror Cell

Bahrain’s security force arrested 116 members of an armed network that supported by Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

According to the government statement says that the security force has documented that the sites used by the the IRGC’s terror cell to manufacture and store explosives and large quantities of arms.

IRGC planning to target official’s members of the leading security figures andvital oil installations, and carry out terror attacks in Bahrain to disturb the public security and harm the national economy failed.

The statement charged that as many as 48 of those detained, had received military training in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon.

Bahrain frequently accuses opposition figures of link to Shiite Iran. Last month Bahrain accused Iran of training and arming two men accused of bombing a Saudi Armco oil pipeline outside the capital Manama- which Tehran denies supporting any bid to overthrow the government.