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Britain foils attempt to smuggle missile cut to Iran

Border guards at London’s Heathrow airport foiled an attempt to smuggle pieces into the missile industry into Iran, British authorities said.

According to the newspaper “Evening Standard” British, customs seized two rings are usually used in the manufacture of rocket warheads.

Britain opened an investigation into the shipment, which was supposed to be related to the country’s oil production sector.

Deputy Director of the British Border Guard Force, Monique Rich, said the authorities had confiscated the suspect pieces.

The two rings, which were seized by herds made of rubber and are usually used between pipes to prevent leakage, but can also be used in rockets.

The official declined to confirm whether the arrest had resulted in anything, and pointed out that British and international sanctions prevent the supply of any materials used in Iran to manufacture rockets.

Under British law, people trying to transport material to Iran face harsh penalties including imprisonment, as well as heavy fines.

International sanctions seek to curb Iran’s destabilizing role in the Middle East through a number of its sectarian militias, which interfere in the foreign affairs of a number of countries.