The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Confession under torture, unfair trials and executions under the Mullah’s regime

Despite the lack of evidence and an international movement against his death sentence, the Iranian Mullah Regime executed Mohamed Salas at dawn on 18 June 2018.

Mohammad Salas was executed after being sentenced to death for the murder of three police officers. It was in connection with the Gonabadi Dervish anti-government protests.

Despite serious unfair trial and concerns about the crimes he was accused of, the Iranian Regime executed him while Mullahs still celebrated the end of Ramadan.

The religious minority Gonabadi Dervish, form of Sufi Islam, came out to the streets on February 18th to protest against the imprisonment of Nematollah Riahi.

The 72-year-old had been arrested for criticizing the Iranian military harassments of some Dervish families.

The demonstration was followed by several protests in the capital of Iran-Tehran the following day.

The demonstration was attacked with tear gas and gunshots by the anti-riot force. After this, the bus drove down the police officers.

The leader of Gonabadi dervish rejects that there were some of their members behind the police raids.

Mohammad’s story in the court:

I was arrested at 14:30, when Iranian forces arrested me. I was injured in my skull after they hit me hard. I opened my eyes in around the midnight at the hospital and I was not in normal condition. Soon later, I discovered, I was in the interrogation, the officer told me that I had drove down three police officers and killed them. I replied that I do not remember anything of what you are saying, but if you say, they were killed, and then it might be so. Anxiously, I signed a white paper with my fingerprint, without reading it or understanding what the paper was about. After that, I said that I have right to have a lawyer and that until I get it I will keep quite. Due to hard torture and fear of the Iranian intelligence service – they beat me every day in prison – I had to say that they had to kill me.

Iran the second country in the world for execution of prisoners, and China in the first place. According to Amnesty over 567 people were executed in 2016 in Iran. The human rights organization eventually demanded that the execution of Mohammad Salas had to be stopped due to the unfair trail and lack of evidence.

Salas family had their last meetings with Muhammad the same day, before his execution took place, the victim’s family have not received the body of Mohammad Salas and therefore they cannot bury him. They stated that they have any information about where the dead body is now.