The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Democratic militants renew the covenant with the struggle of the martyrs

The Division of Democratic Struggle to renew the Covenant in the struggle of the martyrs in memory of the martyrdom of the leader, “Ibrahim Shehgalli”And carried out informational activities

activists and members of the Democratic Party of iran took part in the ‏carried out informational activities on Monday, 27th of May on the day that ‏The martyrdom of the martyr commander “Ibrahim Shehgalli”.

On the day of the martyrdom of the Democratic Party’s senior martyr in the Basawi region of his hometown, democracy activists activated information and published pictures of the martyr with slogans in streets and alleys, especially in schools, gymnasiums and mosques.

In these activities, the democratic heroes also brought down the flag of the oppressive Iranian regime in school.

The martyr “Ibrahim Shehgalli” of the region “Peswe” and commander of the forces of the martyr “Neho” and was a member of the Commission of urmi. This great leader was martyred on the 27th of May 1985 in the village of “Chrme” in the region “Targawar” in a battle against the Iranian occupiers.

The martyr leader was buried in a private area and a mountainous place, because of the special situation in which he was martyred.

Ibrahim Shehgalli – ئیبراهیم شێخاڵی