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Demonstrators in Iran attack a religious school

Iranian demonstrators attacked a religious estate in the Karaj area near Tehran on Friday night, according to the Iranian news agency Fars.

“About 500 demonstrators attacked the school around 9:00 pm (Friday), trying to break down and burn things,” said the head of the school, located in Ijtihad, Hojjat al-Islam Hindiani.

Hindiani also pointed out that the protesters “arrived with stones and broke all the windows of the prayer hall shouting slogans against the regime,” explaining that the police dispersed the demonstrators and arrested some, according to AFP.

Foreign media are banned from covering “unlicensed” demonstrations.

Iranian government agencies said late on Thursday that “scattered demonstrations” included several hundred people in several cities in the country, such as Shiraz (south), Ahwaz (southwest), Mashhad (northeast) and Karaj near Tehran.

Video recordings on social networks, whose source is unknown, showed Thursday’s demonstrations in tourist cities, such as Isfahan (central) as well as in Tehran.

This comes as the Iranians wait for the return of US sanctions on Monday, threatening further destabilization, which was mainly weakened by corruption and mismanagement.