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Denmark summons his ambassador from Iran after uncovering attack plan

Denmark’s Foreign Minister Anders Samuelson said on Tuesday that his country would press for new EU sanctions against Iran because of suspected attempts by Iranian intelligence to launch an attack on Danish territory.

The minister revealed that he summoned the Danish ambassador from Tehran, expressing his belief that the Iranian government behind the attempted attack in Denmark.

The director of the Danish security service said Tuesday that he suspected an Iranian intelligence agency had attempted to carry out more than one attack on individuals in Denmark.

Vinn Burke Andersen said in a press conference that the attack targeted a Danish branch leader from the Arab Liberation Movement of the Ahwaz.

“We are dealing with the planning of an Iranian intelligence agency to attack Danish territory,” Andersen said, “Clearly, we can not accept this and will not accept it.”

He said the police carried out a large-scale operation last month in attempts to thwart the Iranian intelligence scheme.

He said the officers arrested a Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin on 21 October in this file. The Norwegian denied any offense when he appeared before a court in Denmark.

The suspect, who was not identified, is being held in custody until November 8.

The suspect, among others, was seen taking photographs of the residence of members of the Arab Liberation Movement of the Ahwaz in Ringsted, about 60 kilometers south-west of Copenhagen.

Andersen confirmed that the intelligence services in Sweden and Norway are cooperating with Denmark in the file. Norway’s police said they were cooperating with Denmark in investigating possible attacks.

Denmark’s Foreign Minister Anders Samuelson said on Twitter that his country would respond to what it suspects is an Iranian security service trying to attack an individual in Denmark. He said the Danish government was in talks with European countries to discuss further measures.