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Facebook Removes 82 Iranian Accounts

Facebook announced on Friday it had removed 82 pages and an account on Facebook and Instagram, originating in Iran, targeting people in the United States and Britain.

Facebook confirmed that it was blocking “any misconduct and inconsistent with its policies, because it wants people who use its services to be trustworthy.”

She explained that page managers and account holders have consistently introduced themselves as US citizens, in a few cases as British citizens, and have posted messages on politically sensitive topics, including interracial relations, opposition to the president and immigration, Reuters reported.

“As soon as we discovered this activity, our teams worked quickly to investigate and eliminate these bad actors,” she said, noting that the discovery and removal of abuse was a “permanent challenge”.

“To ensure our future survival, we have invested heavily in the best technology, hiring more people,” she said, adding that there are more than 20,000 people working in the field of safety and security on Facebook.

“We work closely with governments, law enforcement agencies, security experts and other companies, because one organization can not do it on its own.”