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Gholamreza Hassani: The perpetrator and murderer of Qarni and Qlatan died

Gholamreza Hassani

Khatib “Gholamreza Hassani” is one of the criminals of the regime of Iran has died in Kurdistan

Khatib Hassani’s studied until the sixth grade, and then went on to the “Qom Science” and studied Science of Sharia and Islam. He received the level of spirituality frome the Khatib

Hassani spent his life from the age of 16 to the last moments of life with guns and never left his guns even in meetings and conferences, which means that the speech was a bloody criminal

The bloody speech “Hassani” was defined as the Islamic deputy of Khamenei in the official throw after the revolution of the Iranian people, as a speech sermon politics Iran bloody fought the Kurds in Kurdistan and killed more than dozens of young Kurds

The responsible executioner had a great influence on the outbreak of war in Kurdistan and contributed to that against the Kurds, especially against the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI)

One of the most important black points was Husni’s attack on the village of Qarni and Qalatan, which is attributed to the city of Naqadeh, and killed dozens of Kurds who were the victim of the brutal Iranian regime

Husni was one of the people who contributed to the creation of differences between religious scholars, especially the scientists of the city of “Naqadeh”

His son was named “Rashid Hassani,” and because he was more suitable for the organization “Chriki fedayani Khelq”, his son was sentenced to death by him.

After the death of the letter to the Iranian regime in Kurdistan, the news of Fars about Hassani’s life was written in the Iranian State Council headed by Ahmadi Nejad in the first place because of his past before the 75th Revolution against the Kurds with the regime of Iran

The bloody Iranian regime is talking about the war against the Kurds on the one hand and the other on the other, calling for Iranian unity