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Hedayat’s father “Iranian Regime executes my son to scare the people of Kurdistan”

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network, Hedayat Abdullapour was arrested following the complaint and report of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).
Following the source: Iranian Revolutionary Court of Urmia sentenced Hedayat to death on 2016, for “assisting Democratic Party OF Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) members by providing them with shelter and food and supplies in addition acting as one of the main members of PDKI and propaganda activity against the Iranian regime”.
Following the same court wave of arrest some other Kurdish citizens was also sentenced to imprisonment.
  • Hedayet Abdullah Pour, death penalty
    Hasel Azizi, 25 years imprisonment.
    Muhammad Zahir Faramerzi, 20 years imprisonment
    Yaqub Ba-Akram, 15 years imprisonment.
    Jalal Masrouri, 15 years imprisonment.
    Kamal Masrouri, 11 years imprisonment.
    Sadiq Baakram, 10 years imprisonment.
Hedayat’s lawyer stated that his client is innocent since he had no weapons and in addition, he was not presence in the conflicts area.
Other source told the Kurdish human rights networks that Hedayat’s family is under pressure from the Regime’s Intelligence officers” Regime’s authorities trying to prevent his family speak to reporters, but his father( Abubakr Abdollapour) broke his silence and calling for a fair trial for his son. In addition he said that his son been sentenced to death only to put fear among other Kurdish activists in the region.
Hedayat Abdollahpour is one of the hundreds Kurdish political prisoner who is currently been held and wait for the international community break their silence and pressure on the Iranian Regime to stop the executions of the Kurdish Political prisoners.
Hedayet Abdullah Pour