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Iran and earthquakes a time bomb

Iran has been subjected to successive earthquakes in recent days, and the recurrence of this phenomenon raises the question of the safety of Iran’s nuclear reactors, amid the scientists’ expectations of Iran’s devastating earthquake.

Iran has a number of nuclear plants and facilities, most notably the Arak heavy water production plant, the Bushehr nuclear plant, the Gashin uranium mine, the Isfahan uranium processing plant, the Natanz enrichment plant, the Parchin military site and the Qom enrichment plant.

The Iranian government has been ignoring warnings from international scientific bodies about a possible disaster for Iran’s nuclear reactor built by Russians in Bushehr on the Arabian Gulf coast.

These warnings are based on two facts: the first relates to Iran’s location in a geographical area that is one of the world’s most earthquake-prone regions, and the second to suspected safety measures in the nuclear reactor.

The Germans began building the Bushehr reactor in the Shah’s era in 1971, completing its construction by Russians with technologies described as late, experts said.

Not to mention that the reactor was bombed, and received partial destruction during the Iran-Iraq war in the early eighties of the last century.

According to Russian experts, the reactor is well-fortified and can withstand an earthquake of magnitude 7 on the Richter scale.

But seismologists do not rule out a devastating earthquake in Iran with a magnitude of eight or more, given Iran’s history of earthquakes, where it has been hit by more than 130 earthquakes since the ninth century.

Some violent earthquakes in Iran have caused a massive death toll of 200,000 people.

Such scenarios will not only be paid by the Iranians, but will extend the effects of the earthquake in all directions, including the Gulf region.

In the event of a devastating earthquake in the nuclear reactor area overlooking the Arabian Gulf, he fears a nuclear leak or environmental disaster affecting the entire region.