The Republic of Kurdistan
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Iran Arrests Scores of Kurdish Civilians

According to preliminary reports from eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan, the Iranian regime has arrested scores of Kurdish civilians in the wake of demonstrations in support of southern (Iraqi) Kurdistan’s independence referendum, held on September 25.

A source within the Iranian regime revealed that Iran’s terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guards, the Basiji militia and the Iranian intelligence agency’s local branch in the Kurdish city of Sagezh have established a joint command center for the purpose of identifying and arresting the organizers of the demonstrations.

According to the source, the joint command center is preoccupied with analyzing video footage of the demonstrations.

Iran’s paramilitary forces and intelligence agency have targeted Kurdish demonstrators in a majority of the Kurdish cities that staged demonstrations in support of the independence referendum. Demonstrations were organized in Mahabad, Sanandaj, Mariwan, Saqez, Bokan, Jwanro, Baneh, Piranshar, Sainqala, Sardasht, Paveh and Shno. According to reports, several hundred Kurdish demonstrators have either been arrested or summoned for interrogation.

The Iranian regime has also shut down the internet in many Kurdish cities. 

Sources in eastern Kurdistan have confirmed that the following persons have been arrested: Zanyar Bakshi, Awat Soltani, Rahman Khosrawi, Ghafor Nasiri, Dyako Pormosta, Rahman Qaderi, Sulyeman Biposh, Idris Ghaderi, Rahim Afshari, Peyman Menbari, Mslm Saydpor, Mohammad Menbari, Ali Javadi, Mohammad Razai, Yaser Farajalahi, Fareydon Karimi and Hajar Faraj.

The whereabouts of those arrested are unknown.