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Iran disrupts Telegram application to prevent video and photo sharing

Iranian authorities have begun to disable Telegram‘s instant messaging application, which is widely used in Iran.

In an official statement, the authority overseeing the operation of the Internet said that the exchange of messages and videos through the application of Telegram is no longer authorized in Iran.

and also added that the move is likely to affect the “quality” of the application in the country.

TEHRAN officials said Telegram‘s license to set up its servers in the country was over, meaning that those servers must be moved outside Iran’s borders, and that all internal traffic to the application should now pass through Internet portals controlled by the Iranian government.

Telegram is believed to be used by about 50 million people in Iran and is very popular there because of the way it encrypts messages, making it difficult for security agencies to detect their content.

The Iranian government has repeatedly criticized Telegram’s application, saying its use was behind many anti-government protests in the country.

Earlier this week, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei closed his account on the implementation of Telegram, saying it would help “ensure the national interest of the country.”

The move was widely regarded as a prelude to a total ban on implementation.

Iranian government officials and officials were instructed to stop using the Telegram application.

Instead, she urged the Iranian authorities to use a local application called Soroush.