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Iran is the worst trading nation in the world

The Commercial Tax Company, in a search for the protected ratio of trade in the world, said Iran is the worst trading nation in the world

The French Foreign Taxation Company, “Coffs”in its latest research for 2018, on the protected ratio of finance and trade at the global level, published that Iran is one of the worst trading countries in the world.

According to the reports on the following concerns, as well as global funding, research and activities of giant corporations and banks, Iran was at the level of the first of the top 15 levels and constitutes the highest threat to global trade.

Coffs is one of the most important commercial tax companies in the world, and supports financing in trade all over the world and in its annual report determine the best country and the worst countries in the world level in ‏trade.

These reports were published while Iran, in the worstes cases reached the level of Lambali, control the trade unions that were not left in the hands of the government, and intervened in the questions of other countries. These questions became a valid reason for Iran to pose a threat to world trade and reach.