The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Iranian intelligence forces in the city of Sonna are behind the loss of Nishtiman Hussein Penahi

After the constant pressure and threats from the Iranian intelligence forces in the Sonna city on Ali Hussein Panahi’s family, the daughter of Ramin Hussein Panahi’s sister, she commited suicide.

According to that on the night of Monday, April 30, the forces of the regular regime raided the house of Ahmad Amin Pana, the husband of a sister, Ramin Panahi, and was also arrested.

According to reports, Amjad Hussein Penahi said: “Ahmed Amin Banna” is a Kurdish political activist and his wife, “Nishtman Hussein Panahi.” After her husband was arrested and heard about the execution of her uncle Ramin Hussein Behnahi, she committed suicide after hearing the news of the execution of her uncle.

Nishtiman Hussein Benahi, aged 25, has been summoned several times in recent days by intelligence forces in the city of Sona and has been subjected to spiritual torture by the intelligence forces.

At the time that Nishtiman Hussain Pannahi’s suicide Ramin Hussein Panahi was transferred to the isolated prison in Sonna for execution.

And Ramin Hussain Panahi from the city of Sunnah, was imprisoned by elements of the Iranian regime on June 23, 2017. He met torture day after day inside the prison. In several months Benahi’s trial and the charge of “dealing with banned parties and anti-national security” He was recently brought to the execution chamber in preparation for the execution of the sentence.

Many institutions have issued a popular community statements calling on the Iranian regime to stop the execution of Panahi but the Iranian regime did not give any importance.