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Iranian schools under the threat of narcotic substances

The Ministry of Education has told the system that 10,000 students have been arrested for using narcotic substances.

Mansour Kayani, the official responsible for the protection of social losses in the Ministry of Education, said that 10,000 students were arrested because of ‏narcotic substances in their possession. He also reported that there were fears of another a100 thousand students, most of them used ‏narcotic substances.

This percentage has been published in the system’s proportions, a painful story, but always the percentages that the regime of Iran is declaring are false and far from the truth. The real thing that people see in every day is the addiction of young people under 18 years of age who are more than ten Thousands.

‏The Iranian regime has blocked the real percentage about narcotic substancesin schools in Iran, and has hidden the real rates through civil activities and drug experts for those diseases

Intercepting the Iran regime to treat narcotics on the same bloody Iranian regime by introducing drugs and spreading them in society through the intelligence forces, and trying to deprivation the citizens from claiming their rights, especially young people and trying to sabotage. the society