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Iran’s regime is the biggest sponsor of terrorism support in the world

US Republican Senator of the State of Florida, Marco Rubio, said Iran is the main sponsor of terrorism in the world, and it of have terrorist plans.

According to the reports, Marco Rubio, a senior member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, said Iran was “the main sponsor of terrorism in the world” and also said that the Iranian regime always preparing plans to make terrorist operations.

Rubio said that the world should open their eyes to the Iranian regime because it is the biggest supporter of terrorism.

The Iranian regime has so far carried out hundred terrorist acts in Iran and also outside Iran, and is considered the first country to support terrorist organizations.

America added the Iranian Qods Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards abroad and in 2007, to the black list of terrorists.

Recently, dozens of Iranian officials have been expelled from Western countries or added to the black list.

The Canadian international community also said in a statement on Tuesday that all interviews and discussions between Canada and the State of Iran concerning diplomatic activities between the two countries had been postponed.

According to the Canadian Council, the IRGC was added to the black list.

Supporters The Iranian regime expressed its dissatisfaction with the current situation, which was done by the Western countries. Also this year, respectively, America’s decision that Iran ranked first of supports terrorism.