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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards claim responsibility for rocket attack

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards announced on Sunday responsibility for a missile attack in Iraq yesterday, according to news agency “Fars” Iran.

On Saturday, Iranian forces bombed Kurdish border villages in northern Iraq, a day after their consulate was burned in the southern province of Basra.

A security source familiar with the Iranian forces bombed the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of the Iranian opposition in the city, “Koya”, which is about 65 km from the eastern border of the Kurdistan region.

The source added that the bombing was intensive and targeted the heights of “Barbzian” in the region, “Bradost” border between the Kurdistan region, Turkey and Iran for the second day in a row, on the pretext of the presence of armed elements of Iranian opposition parties in that region.

On the human and material losses, the source pointed out that the bombing killed 14 people and wounded 42 members of the Democratic Party of Iran, including the party secretary, referring to the displacement of residents of the border villages from their areas, as well as the burning of dozens of dunums and agricultural orchards.