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John Bolton: Iran is the main financier of terrorism in the world

US national security adviser John Bolton said extremist terrorist groups were the most significant cross-border threat to the United States and its interests abroad.

“Extremist terrorist groups represent the most significant cross-border terrorist threat to the United States and its interests abroad,” Bolton told reporters as he presented his country’s counterterrorism strategy, which also focuses on Iran.

He said his country was also facing threats from Iran, which he described as “the main global financier of international terrorism since 1979”.
Bolton said on Wednesday that Iran had threatened Middle East contracts with ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons, asserting that Tehran was stepping up its nuclear activities.
“Iran is a rogue regime that has threatened the Middle East not only with its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, but by acting for decades as the central bank of international terrorism. Its aggressive military actions in the region threaten international peace and security, so I do not deal with what they say seriously. “He said.