The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Kurdish activists call for a sit-in against the crimes of the Iranian regime

A group of Ahrar and activists of Kurdistan Iran published Hashtag ( مانگرتنی_گشتیی_رۆژهەڵات# )calling for a sit-in against the crimes of the Iranian regime and to emphasize the unity of the Kurdish class on Monday 10. 9. 2018, in all cities of Kurdistan Iran.

The masses of our people and the fighters of Kurdistan!

As you know that the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is going through crisis conditions and moving from crisis to crisis. In an attempt to hide its crises, it resorted to the use of vicious and inhuman crimes against the people of Kurdistan by terrorism, killing, execution and bombing, and looting and burning the environment of Kurdistan. To achieve its goals in order to erase the Kurdish nationalism, and on the contrary, the Kurds’ insistence on adhering to their rights and national identity is increasing. The crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran must not be left without a response from the oppressors of the right and the land.

We call for Monday, 10/9/2018, a day of condemnation and anger at the crimes of the Iranian regime, on the day of a sit-in in eastern Kurdistan in order to defend our people and our homeland.

We call on all civil liberals and activists in Eastern Kurdistan to assume their human, moral and national responsibilities towards the crimes of the regime to unite the Kurdish class.

Once again, this crime proved that the unity of the ranks in the East is the duty of every Kurd and we must affirm that we stand united against every crime targeting our national.

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