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The level of corruption of the Iranian regime at the global level

According to Transparency International’s annual report, Iran came at level 130.

Transparency International(TI) in its annual report on Wednesday Announced that the regime of Iran was at the level of 130 out of 180 global degrees.

Is an international non-governmental organization concerned with corruption. This includes political corruption and other forms of corruption. It is internationally renowned for its annual corruption index, a comparative list of countries in terms of the spread of corruption around the world، The degree of corruption from zero to one hundred and zero degrees to the countries where corruption at the highest level, 100 degrees to developed and developing countries, according to these indicators, Iran received 130 degrees in 2017.

According to the indicators, Somalia is the most corrupt country, and New Zealand is the developing country.

It also stated that political and media activists in countries where corruption is widespread are threatened with danger every day.

Countries that systematically oppose these organizations and the press، These are going through the most difficult situation regarding physical and moral corruption، According to information, the level of corruption is so high that in one week a journalist is killed.