The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Pdki statement on martyred peshmergas


PDKI Peshmergas were on a political mission in Shno last week. Six Peshmergas went to the village of Qarasaqal on June 15. In the afternoon, a massive IRGC force armed with heavy weapons surrounded the village.

PDKI’s Peshmergas came under fire by the IRGC force. In spite of being outnumbered and outgunned in the ensuing battle, the Peshmergas fought bravely, killing more than 20 IRGC terrorists and injuring more than 14.

Unfortunately, six Peshmergas were martyred after several hours of heroic battle with the IRGC force. Reportedly, the Peshmergas had run out of ammunition before being martyred.

The IRGC force subsequently shelled the village in the most brutal way, causing civilian deaths and destruction of property. Clearly, the Iranian regime is frightened by the strong bond between the Kurdish people and PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces. As in the past, IRGC terrorists killed civilians and destroyed their property in a futile attempt to deter the Kurdish people from supporting PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces.

The names of the martyred Peshmergas are as follows: Kamal Khezri, Mohammad-Khalid Payghami, Loghman Sheikhani, Jamal Ismaili, Salah Naderi and Omar Hosseini.

  • Kamal Khezri was a Peshmerga platoon commander who always led by example. Before leaving his family he kissed his young daughter who was sleeping and said: “I do this for you and all other Kurdish children”.
  • Born: 1968 in Shawane, outside Shno
    Joined PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces in 1990
    Martyred: 15 or 16 of June 2016 in Shno


  • Said Omar Hosseini was a Swedish citizen. Prior to being granted asylum in Sweden, Hosseini had been a political prisoner in Iran. He gave up his comfortable life in Sweden to join the Kurdish national liberation movement.
  • Born: 1972 in Bejawi outside Shno
    Joined PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces in 1999 after being released from prison.
    Martyred: 15 or 16 of June 2016 in Shno


  • Salah Naderi was one of the most beloved photographers of PDKI and was unarmed when he accompanied the other Peshmergas. Naderi always used to say that his mission as a Peshmerga was to document the brutal oppression of the Kurdish people by the Islamist regime in Iran so that the world became aware of the plight of the Kurds.
  • Born: 1981 in Mehabad.
    Joined PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces in 1998
    Martyred: 15 or 16 of June 2016 in Shno


  • Jamal Ismaili was a brave Peshmerga who took part in the war against ISIS and was badly injured in an unfortunate clash with the PKK in May of 2015. After the incident, Ismaili said he wanted unity among Kurds and his duty as a Peshmerga was to fight for Kurdish rights in all parts of Kurdistan.
  • Born: 1984 in Shno
    Joined PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces in 2011
    Martyred: 15 or 16 of June 2016 in Shno


  • Loghman Sheikhani was a brave Peshmerga who was known for having the ability to always inspire other Peshmergas in the most difficult situations.
  • Born: 1976 in Sheikhani outside Shno
    Joined PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces in 1994
    Martyred: 15 or 16 of June 2016 in Shno


  • Mohammad-Khalid Payghami was popular among his fellow Peshmgeras and had dreamt of becoming a Peshmerga since he was a child. In one of his last messages to a fellow Peshmerga on social media, he wrote: “I have always known that I will become a martyr [for my people and country]”.
  • Born: 1983 in Nerziwei outside Shno
    Joined PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces in 2007
    Martyred: 15 or 16 of June 2016 in Shno

PDKI has made two strategic decisions during the past two years. First, it was decided that the Peshmerga Forces should return to their former bases in the mountains between eastern (Iranian) and southern (Iraqi) Kurdistan. This was accomplished in May of 2015.

Furthermore, the leadership of PDKI has decided to send large numbers of Peshmergas back to various parts of eastern Kurdistan in order to facilitate closer interactions between the Peshmerga Forces and the Kurdish people. As stated in a historical speech by Mustafa Hijri, the leader of PDKI, on the occasion of Newroz, the Kurdish New Year, the objective “is to interlock the struggle [of Peshmerga] in the mountains with the struggle [of the Kurdish people] in the cities.”

PDKI is well aware that serious and determined struggle against the fundamentalist Islamist regime in Iran requires great sacrifices. The fate of our recent martyrs reflect this reality.

​Although we are saddened by the news of our fallen Peshmergas, we are at same time proud of their heroic struggle against the evil forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

PDKI’s motto, as always, is that the best way to pay tribute to our martyrs is to continue their struggle!