The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Mustafa hijri’s speech at commemoration ceremony for martyred peshmergas

At a commemoration ceremony for martyred Peshmergas, PDKI’s leader Mustafa Hijri pledged to continue their struggle in pursuit of
the liberation of the Kurdish people. Hijri also issued a warning to the Islamic Republic of Iran, underling that violence and brutality will never force the Kurdish people and PDKI to refrain from struggling for Kurdish national rights. “Kurdistan will never surrender to the Islamist regime of Iran,” he averred.

At one of its bases in Kurdistan, PDKI organized a commemoration ceremony for the brave Peshmergas who were martyred in a heroic battle with Iranian forces in Shno on June 15 and 16. Representatives of Kurdish organizations from all parts of Kurdistan, including KDP, PUK and HDP, attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Mustafa Hijri said that in spite of being saddened by the news of our fallen Peshmergas, the PDKI leadership has made a strategic decision to reinvigorate the party’s 70-year struggle in pursuit of the liberation of the Kurdish people. In this respect, PDKI has given priority to the party’s Peshmerga Forces.

Hijri said that PDKI’s leadership has factored in all relevant factors in this regard, including the brutality of the Islamist regime in Iran and the great sacrifices that will be required in the face of such brutality.

“Our party,” he said, “is determined to fulfill our pledge to interlock the struggle [of the Peshmerga Forces] in the mountains with the struggle [of the Kurdish people] in the cities.” To this end, PDKI has decided to send large numbers of Peshmergas from bases in the mountains back in to eastern Kurdistan.

Hijri also underlined, “I assure you that we rely on the strength of our Peshmerga Forces and the support of the Kurdish people.”

In another part of his speech, Hijri addressed Kurdish organizations in all parts of Kurdistan, calling for “unity in a delicate time when the enemies of the Kurdish nation” have joined forces to undo the achievements of the Kurdish nation.

In hailing the sacrifices of Peshmergas and Kurdish fighters in all parts of Kurdistan, Hijri emphasized that “the greatest source of our strength lies in unity among the Kurdish people and all Kurdish organizations in the different parts of Kurdistan.”

In particular, he called for unity in southern Kurdistan, which he described as “a source of hope for the Kurdish nation in all parts of divided Kurdistan.”

PDKI’s leader underlined that PDKI will use all legitimate means in protecting the Kurdish people, but at the same time emphasized that “we strive for peace and peaceful coexistence.”

Mustafa Hijri renewed PDKI’s commitment to the party’s long struggle for the liberation of the Kurdish nation and a dignified life for the Kurdish people.

At the end of his speech, Hijri addressed the families of the martyred Peshmergas, vowing that PDKI “will continue their struggle until our people is liberated.”