The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Mustafai: ”iranian threats against kurdish civilians are cowardly”

During the past weeks, PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces have clashed with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in several Kurdish villages and towns, resulting in heavy losses on the Iranian side. The IRGC has shelled villages and senior Iranian military officials have threatened to target refugee camps and civilians in southern (Iraqi) Kurdistan.

“If they [Iranian forces] are brave, they should come and fight Peshmerga on the battlefield instead of targeting and threatening Kurdish civilians,” said Taimor Mustafai, a senior PDKI official, in response to recent Iranian threats.

High ranking Iranian officials and IRGC commanders have on several occasions threatened to attack bases and refugee camps in southern Kurdistan. Iran has also shelled villages in both eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan and southern Kurdistan.

PDKI officials have responded to these threats.

Taimor Mustafai, member of PDKI’s leadership, explained in an interview with a Kurdish media outlet that “PDKI is a popular movement and Iran knows from experience that PDKI is serious [about implementing its new strategy of popular resistance] and this has frightened the regime.”

Mustafai, himself a former Peshmerga Commander, challenged Iran’s military forces, saying that they are acting cowardly by attacking and threatening civilians after suffering heavy losses in clashes with PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces.

Hassan Sharafi, another senior member of PDKI’s leadership, stated that the Kurdish movement is striving for a peaceful resolution of the Kurdish issue. He reminded that Iranian diplomats assassinated Dr. Ghassemlou during peace negotiations in 1989.

PDKI has vowed to respond to any acts of Iranian military aggression against Kurdish civilians.

“The Iranian regime only understands the language of force, hence they are forcing us to respond in kind”, Sharafi said.

​PDKI has made a strategic decision to reinvigorate the Kurdish people’s struggle for national liberation and human dignity. PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces will play their historical role in this struggle.