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New tricks for Iranian girls to enter stadiums and watch football

Many girls masquerade in men’s uniforms to enter the stadiums and look at Persepolis matches.

Although the girls were not allowed to enter the stadiums by the government and public authorities, a number of girls were able to enter
the stadium and watch the Persepolis match.

On Friday, 27 April, in order to participate in the victory of Persepolis, eight girls tried to change their faces and masquerade as men. Although women were not allowed to enter sports ‏stadiums, they managed to enter to the ‏stadiums.

The spread of images of girls who masquerade as men on social networking sites has caused a great deal of noise and many of them have supported them with tweets of tension and said that this is beautiful and this revolution is very important for all girls.

Zahra’s photographs were published in a Tehran disguised as a man with a beard and a wig. She explained that she had put on a thick makeup so that her features actually showed men’s features.

She also said everyone noticed that I was a girl and everyone did not care if i am a girl or man… We picked up pictures with some … I hope we’ll have freedom soon [to watch men’s games]. ”