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New US sanctions on Iran come into force

New US sanctions on Tehran have entered into force this morning after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order yesterday to re-impose economic sanctions on Iran, which he accuses of destabilizing the Middle East.

The first batch targets financial transactions and imports of raw materials, as well as the automotive and commercial aviation sectors.

The United States will also impose a second round of sanctions in November on the oil and gas sectors as well as Iran’s central bank.

This comes as Trump expressed his “openness” to a new nuclear agreement is more comprehensive and includes Iran’s ballistic program and support for terrorism.

For its part, US sources said the sanctions will be strictly applied and will not grant any permits to countries or companies to deal with Iran, pointing out that its goal is to change Iran’s actions and not change its regime.

The sources confirmed that Washington stood by the Iranian people in its demands, and that President Trump is ready to meet with the Iranians at any time to reach an agreement.

The US official also said that his country aims to cut off funding from Iran until it stops destabilizing the region, as the Iranian regime benefits from the funds of the nuclear deal to finance its Shiite militias.

In turn, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Washington is waging a psychological war on Iran, stressing that President Trump’s call for dialogue with Iran is for domestic consumption in the United States only, and aims to create chaos, as he put it.