The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

PDKI and HAK-PAR Discussed Southern Kurdistan’s Independence Referendum

A delegation from HAK-PAR from northern (Turkish) Kurdistan visited PDKI’s diplomatic mission in Hewler (Erbil) to discuss southern (Iraqi) Kurdistan’s upcoming independence referendum.

During the meeting Mohammed Saleh Qaderi, PDKI’s representative to Hewler, outlined the party’s position on the independence referendum and underlined that it is a national duty to support the right of the Kurdish people to be independent.

Qaderi also stressed the need for political parties from other parts of Kurdistan to do everything in their power to show solidarity with the Kurdish people in southern Kurdistan during this process.

Regarding Iran’s threats against southern Kurdistan, Qaderi emphasized that Kurdish parties from all parts of Kurdistan need to cooperate to face the Iranian threat.

HAK-PAR’s representative in Hewler, Zana Sezen, expressed support for PDKI’s position and said that the Kurdish people from northern Kurdistan supports southern Kurdistan’s independence referendum.

Both parties underlined the need for closer cooperation between the two sides.