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PDKI-Iran announces shake-up

The Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran (KDP-I) held its 16th party congress on Saturday. The party adopted a resolution to further devolve power within its ranks.

“The project that I put forth to the former central committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iran for change in the structure and system of the party provides the opportunity for the distribution of power,” Mustafa Hijri, the head of the PDKI.

The party, as a first step, has decided to restructure into two centers: the political center, which is tasked with laws, and the executive committee, which is tasked with managing the affairs of the party under the auspices of the political center.

The position of the general secretary, held by Hijri, has been abolished. The old system will no longer be in use, said Hijri.

“We want to pave the way for steps in the future for power to be shared more widely for the purpose of having more striving and liberty-loving Kurds in Rojhelat Kurdistan (Iranian Kurdistan) to become partners and helpers to our struggle,” Hijri added.

The chief believes the process should be gradual and incremental to prevent failures owing to a lack of experience.
Members of the party have considered the congress “a big shifting point” – one that will lead to a fundamental change in the workings of the party. The members are optimistic the project will be implemented.

It comes as Iranian Kurdish parties attempt to establish a coordination center for joint action in the future to respond more quickly to events in Iran and Iranian Kurdistan.