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PDKI Peshmerga dies from injuries sustained in Thursday’s bombing

A Peshmerga from an armed Iranian-Kurdish group has died from injuries he sustained in a bombing on Thursday in Bnaslawa sub-district, east of Erbil(Hawler)

Thursday afternoon, a “remote controlled bomb” was detonated under a car belonging to the two Peshmerga, the PDKI reported.

Sabah Rahmani, 33, married with two children, died Friday morning after he was severely injured in the bomb attack.

The attack targeted him and his father Salah Rahmani, 52, a veteran Peshmerga, both members of the (PDKI).

Salah Rahmani was discharged from hospital Friday morning. He has traveled to Koya, southeast of Erbil, to bury his son Sabah Rahmani.

Almost all of the Kurdish armed groups opposed to Iran, including the PDKI, have offices in Koya.

Prior to the explosion, Salah Rahmani had “received several threats from Iran’s notorious intelligence agency,” the PDKI stated.

“Iran has threatened to carry out terrorist attacks against the PDKI,” the group added.

The PDKI are an armed Iranian-Kurdish opposition group that has its headquarters in the Kurdistan Region. The group said they have increased their counter-terror operations and have “foiled numerous terrorist attacks by the Iranian regime.”