The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

PDKI Rejects Iranian Allegations of International Conspiracy

In a statement, PDKI’s leadership rejects Iranian allegations that the Kurdish nation’s struggle for its national rights and human dignity is an international conspiracy against Iran. PDKI also responded to recent military threats by Iranian officials, vowing to continue the struggle in pursuit of the liberation of the Kurdish people.

In addition to indiscriminate shelling of civilian populated areas in eastern (Iranian) and southern (Iraqi) Kurdistan since June 15, the Iranian regime has intensified its propaganda war against PDKI.

Recently, Mohsen Rezaee, former commander of the IRGC and the secretary of the Islamist regime’s so-called Expediency Council, stated in an interview with Iranian state television that regional and international powers have created military bases for the Kurdish organizations in eastern Kurdistan to fight Iran.

Since 1979, following the breakdown of negotiations between the Kurdish movement and the Iranian regime, Iranian propaganda has painted the Kurdish nation’s struggle for its national rights and human dignity as an international conspiracy against Iran.

From the point of view of the Iranian regime, every sign of dissent and opposition is an international conspiracy against Iran. The Iranian regime has even branded regime loyalists who have voiced criticism of the regime as “seditionists” and enemies of the Islamic Republic. For example, imprisoned members of the so-called Green Movement were forced to “confess” that they had worked with foreign governments.

In the statement, PDKI’s leadership rejects recent conspiratorial Iranian allegations regarding PDKI’s new strategy of linking the struggle of Peshmerga in the mountains with the struggle the civilian population in the cities of eastern Kurdistan.

In its statement, PDKI reminds that the party has struggled for the Kurdish nation’s rights since 1945 and that this struggle will continue until the Kurdish nation is liberated.
“The Iranian regime has always responded to dissidents and popular discontent with threats and violence and has branded the opposition as foreign agents instead of addressing their legitimate demands,” the statement reads.

“The Iranian regime has never substantiated such claims [regarding the opposition as foreign agents], nor has such a policy yielded any positive results for the regime in the past and it will certainly prove futile this time as well,” PDKI underlines in its statement.

Meanwhile, an Iranian military delegation visited southern Kurdistan yesterday, July 20, in order to put pressure on Kurdish and Iraqi officials to police their border with Iran. The visit comes days after renewed Iranian military threats against southern Kurdistan.

PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces have been deployed to eastern Kurdistan in order to protect the party’s officials when they carry out political duties. Since Iran does not allow any form of political activities, PDKI introduced this new model to defy authoritarian rule. PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces and party officials have come under attack by Iranian forces since June 15.

​In its statement, PDKI vows to continue its struggle in spite of Iranian threats.