The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Peyam Nuri Meriwan students were told that they supported the strike in the markets of eastern Kurdistan

Peyam Nuri Meriwan University students regarding the ongoing strike in the Kurdish areas of Iran, issued a statement because of the closure of the commercial border crossing in Kurdish cities.

Students of the University of Peyam Nuri in Meriwan, in this statement, made several important points about the strike and that they supported the strike in the markets and shops in the Kurdish areas.

The statement was as follows:

Dear and beloved citizens of the position Kurdistan.

We also know that the border crossings have been closed for a long time and the price of “tax” is very high andThis has led to the decline of living and affected negatively for those living in the border areas, especially Mariwan and Bana and also Guanero, and this also has a negative and indirect impact on the areas of eastern Kurdistan.

This is because living in these areas is especially problematic for those living in the border area, because it is the only way to earn a living. Due to the lack of jobs and the absence of factories in these areas, they are forced to work in the commercial borders. And now because of the closure of commercial border crossings the people of the shops and markets are free of things and in other words they are going through a hunger crisis.

As a student class in Mariwan, we support this strike and call on all citizens of Kurdistan to do this …..

First we demand the closure of all markets in all Kurdish cities in support of the strike in the cities of Mariwan, Bana and Guanero.

The strata of society (principals, students, …) ask them to support this strike and to show their position.

We ask them not to stop the strike until they respond to their demands.

Peyam Nuri Meriwan University Students