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Ramin Hossein Panahi: will be hanged after Ramadan

Ramin Hossein Panahi Kurdish political prisoner will be executed immediately after the fasting month Ramadan is over. He was sentenced to death after being tortured to confession. We demand the execution to be halted.

On May 2018, an International support paused the execution of 22 years old Ramin on 3 May, 2018. Now, Iranian authorities have informed Ramin’s lawyer that the execution will take place immediately after Ramadan is completed on 15 of June.


Ramin is a Kurdish political prisoner that is imprisoned because of his membership of the opposition party Komala; Iranian authorities have sentenced him to death for taking arms against the Regime, but evidence linking him to activities involving intentional killing.

Ramin’s family has told Amnesty that Ramin had clear marks of torture when he was brought before the court on January 16th this year.

According to Amnesty International research and advocacy Philip Luther; He was sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj” after a grossly one hour unfair trial and amid serious torture allegations”

Disappeared Mysteriously

Ramin was arrested in June 2017 and was isolated for four long month, his family was not informed about his arrest or his location, Ramin has told his family how he was kept isolated and brutally tortured in these months. He was also denied medical care for his injuries during his arrest. 

According Iran human rights center, Ramin’s brother, Amjad Hossein Panahi stated. “My brother Ramin has been sentenced to death, Afshin sentenced to eight and a half years in prison, my cousin Zubair Hossein Panahi sentenced to six years in prison and our brother-in-law Ahmad Aminpanah sentenced to five years in prison, all because one person was a member of a political party,”

According to Amnesty International “Ramin have been offered that his death sentence can be changed to imprisonment, if he appears on Iran’s National TV and claim that all the Kurdish opposition groups are terrorist”

Human rights organizations and Kurdish activists demand suspension of Panahi’s unjust execution before it is too late. Team and Kurdish activist; “We as Kurdish activists share our concerns about the lately systematically killing of the political prisoner under torture, where the Iranian authorities claims that all of the victims have committed suicide for guilt of their actions against the Islamic State. We demand that UN take actions and investigate these crimes against humanity and break their silence over the Iran’s uprising against the government, and support the demands of the Iranian people for the regime change in Iran.”