The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

The regime’s propaganda continues against the PDKI

The regime’s propaganda continues against the PDKI

Officials of his revolution Hamza in Wormi, met with a number of his religious professors in the region, to seek their assistance against the Kurdistan Democratic Party(PDKI) in the region.

In many attempts the regime attempted to counter Rassan’s Eastern (resistance)، Officials in the region and its suburbs are spreading controls against the Democratic Parti,For this reason, the elders and Islamic professors are asked to speak against the Democratic Party and the Eastern Rassan (resistance).

In the last two months, the Hamza revolutionaries met with the sheikhs of Islam in the suburbs of Rajan, Ziwa, Dzi, and Moana, And also in the areas of Turkour and Mercur, asking them to speak in their speeches every Friday against the Kurdish (PDKI).

And in a meeting with religious scholars held by (Aqai) official of the Hamza revolution in the regions of Turkour and Markor, and Mullah (Mirzaie) Deputy Khamenei in those areas.

Also representative from iranian intelligence service, known as itlahat: Serhanak Nuri asked a of religious scholars to ask young people to protect themselves from Democratic Party units.

This is not the first time that regime officials have undertaken such activities Even in the past years also, especially after the announcement of the Eastern Rassan (resistance) ther have been such activities in one way or another in the Kurdish areas, but they will not get what they want, but the opposite is that young people continue to defend the Kurdish Peshmerga forces every day and join them.