The Republic of Kurdistan
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Security Assistant to Iran’s Interior Minister Threatens Kurdish Parties

The security assistant to the Iranian interior minister is talking about offensive threats to the headquarters of Iranian opposition parties in Kurdistan and Balochistan.

Hussein Zolfaqari, a security aide to Iran’s Interior Minister, told the Tasnim agency, which is attributed to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. He also spoke about the activities of the opposition parties to the Iranian regime in Kurdistan and Balochistan,he said that these opposition groups are in our neighboring countries and we talked with officials of the neighboring countries in order to act with them. But if they do not, we are obliged to target these groups ourselves for the safety and security of our country.

Hussein Zolfaqari is similar to the opposition parties to the Iranian regime as “unbearable”. He also said he understood the relationship between these opposition groups and the intelligence of the countries they are in and that help them in the party movement.

He also talked about the fact that only some of the intelligence agencies communicate with these terrorist groups.

Said IRGC Public Relations Officer Brigadier General “Ramadan Sharif”After the clashes in Mariwan and the killing of 11 Iranian Revolutionary Guard soldiers, they said that they are alerting the intelligence agencies to the unknown countries that they will take revenge on everyone who was responsible for the recent events that took place in the Revolutionary Guards,” said IRGC Brigadier General Ramadan Sharif. For those who support these terrorist groups against Islam and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards,because if they do not stop, they will face the new grip and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard force will turn against them, so it is better for them not to support these terrorist groups.

The Iranian opposition forces began activities inside the country in 2015, especially the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, and the Iranian regime bombed these areas constantly under the pretext of the presence of the eastern Kurdish parties in the region. And threatened to attack the headquarters of the Kurdish parties.