The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Six Members of Iran’s IRGC Killed in Clash With PDKI’s Peshmerga Forces

On Wednesday, January 3, six members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) were killed in a clash with an urban Peshmerga unit of PDKI near the Kurdish city of Xane (Piranshar). The Iranian regime has confirmed that three agents of its intelligence agency were killed in the clash.

The Peshmerga unit in Xane later confirmed that six members of IRGC were killed and seven others were injured in the clash. The Iranian regime admitted that three of them were agents of its Intelligence Ministry. Iran has not yet confirmed the death of the three other members of IRGC. The Peshmerga unit in Xane did not suffer any casualties.

While the major cities of Iran were engulfed in protests against the clerical regime and the Kurdish people staged peaceful demonstrations in various cities, the IRGC attacked the village of Zewai Piran in the proximity of Xane.

The Islamist regime in Tehran attempted to divert attention from the peaceful protests in Iran by launching military operations in eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan.

In a statement, PDKI called on the Kurdish people in eastern Kurdistan to stage peaceful demonstrations in solidarity with the demonstrators in Iran.

Since 2015, PDKI has deployed its Peshmerga Forces to eastern Kurdistan to encourage the civilian population to engage in civil resistance.

The Peshmerga Forces will not attack the regime’s military forces, but will defend themselves and the civilian population against any attack. The urban Peshmerga unit in Xane responded to the attack by the IRGC against civilians.