The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

Statement of the Kurdistan Democratic Party

Statement of the Kurdistan Democratic Party department of Political Affairs, in connection with the death sentences and long prison terms of kurdish citizens.

Dear fellow citizens!
Freedom fighters of Kurdistan!
Human rights Organizations!

The regime of Islamic republic of Iran continues its ongoing repression against the Kurdish citizens. After the Kurds recent struggles against the ethnic discrimination and citizenship rights, the arrest of freedom activists and in particular Kurds has increased.

in continuation of this trend,there have been more arrest of the youth in the different regions of Kurdistan, as an excuse for having contact with one of the Kurdish opposition parties without having any evidence against them. Therefore, some of the “Oshnavieh” citizens have been given longtime sentences up to 25 years and some given death sentence.

According to our understanding of the nature of the Iranian regime, it is not unexpected that suchlike cruel arrest and unjust sentence continues and increase for other detainees in other regions of Kurdistan, in order to scare the Kurds and other human right Activists.

The Iranian regime do not let any kind of protest movement against their regime’s inhumane behavior and policies. The Democratic Party of the Iranian Kurdistan condemns such like as cruel actions against the Kurdish freedom activists, and wants that the masses of the Kurdistan show their reactions against regime’s inhumane actions and louder their voices.
It is clear that the silence against the regime’s actions, will make the regime more insolent and those inhumane actions will be continued repeatedly. We hope that the human rights organizations and other freedom organizations protest against those unfair policies of and actions against the Kurdish citizens in any way possible.

Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran
Department of Political Affairs