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Tehran is preparing to face sanctions and the judiciary is arresting officials

In a record drop in the Iranian currency, Vice President Ishaq Jahangiri pledged yesterday to provide goods to the affected strata in the face of US sanctions that begin a week later,While the Central Bank of Iran issued a statement on the historic jump in the currency and gold markets in Tehran, announcing a package of proposals, a new policy to address the deterioration of the economy after days,the Iranian judiciary has revealed the arrest and summoning of dozens, including officials for the disruption of the Iranian economy, who may face death sentences.

The Central Iranian statement pointed fingers to external parties to stand behind the fluctuation of currency prices in Iran, pointing out that “extraordinary developments in the currency market and gold is not commensurate with the reality of the Iranian economy”.

According to official Iranian agencies, quoting the Central Bank of Iran, he was watching “accurately” what he called “the plot, with the aim of inflaming the economy and robbing the psychological security of the Iranians.”

The statement comes the day after the government introduced the new Central Bank President Abdolnaser Hemmati, instead of Waleedullah Saif, the first change by the government after pressure on the prime minister to change the economic team as a result of the crisis that hit the Iranian economy.

On the other hand, the agency “Mizan”,an Iranian judiciary, quoted a spokesman for the judiciary, that the latest wave of arrests targeted government officials “involved in the issues of an economic file”.

According to the judicial official, the detainees are among officials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Iranian Trade Development Organization, referring to summoning officials of the central bank and other organs of the economy to testify or face charges in the same case.

Media reported on Sunday that security forces arrested 29 people on charges of “disrupting the economy”, saying they faced “charges of corruption on the ground”,He pointed out that traders are active in the field of imports and owners of exchange shops face charges of «counterfeiting the currency, and partnership in the disruption of the economic situation”.

According to the Iranian Penal Code, may amount to a death sentence.

“The accusations against the detainees are different” because of what he considered to be manipulation of the monetary system and the currency. He stressed that the judiciary “will soon be tried.”

For his part, the head of the judiciary Sadiq Larijani warning to those behind the “market turmoil”, and said to the Iranians yesterday: “We will not tolerate the economic spoilers and hidden in the financial market”, He said that the law “resolve the situation of the disobedient, The earth, and its clear punishment (execution). ”

Ali Larijani said at a meeting of senior officials in the Iranian judiciary that “the announcement of the currency rate in some locations are based on the calculations and wrong standards”.

Ali Larijani responded to comments by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said during a speech to the Iranian community in California on Monday that Larijani’s wealth was estimated at “$ 300 million.” He added that the Iranian official collected his wealth from “misappropriation of public funds, And transferred to his own account “.

Larijani said what Pompeo said was “false”.
Larijani said the currency crisis “suspicious, and moved some hands behind the curtain”, and called on the judiciary to “prosecute the people accused of corruption in the ground”.