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The bombing of koya was an Iranian attempt to destabilize its nearest neighbor

The bombing of koya was an Iranian attempt to destabilize its nearest neighbor

US Vice President Mike Bens condemned the recent Iranian missile attack on the headquarters of the two largest Kurdish opposition parties to Tehran in the town of Koya in the Kurdistan Region, saying that this is aimed at destabilizing the nearest neighbor to Tehran.

This came in a telephone conversation by Bens with the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Nechirvan Barzani, about two days after the Iranian Revolutionary Guard claimed responsibility for the rocket attack that targeted koya on Saturday and resulted in the deaths of women and children.

Bens wrote on his Twitter account that he spoke to Barzani over the phone and condemned the Iranian missile attacks on the town of koya in the Kurdistan Region.

Bens called the attack “an attempt by Iran to threaten and destabilize its nearest neighbor.”

In an official statement, Nechirvan Barzani said that during a phone call with Bens, he reiterated the KRG’s commitment to the war against terrorism.

Barzani stressed the need to strengthen “cooperation and coordination between the two sides better in order to achieve the final victory over terrorism in Iraq in general.”

The two sides stressed “joint action and cooperation to provide support and assistance to displaced people and religious components in Iraq so that they can return to their homes and property.”

The White House published a text of Bens’s call with Barzani, saying the two leaders “reaffirmed the strategic partnership between the Kurds and the United States.”

Barzani expressed his gratitude for the support of the United States in the war against Dahesh, and noted that more cooperation between the two sides was necessary to take advantage of joint successes against terrorism in Iraq.

He said the two sides also agreed “to work closely to help the oppressed religious elements return to their homes in Iraq.”

Pens plays a key role in the Bush administration’s efforts to protect religious minorities in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq.

The Kurdistan Region is an oasis of calm and stability. The region has earned a good reputation as a safe haven for all minorities and Muslim displaced persons, especially after the occupation of large areas of Iraqi territory, especially Mosul and the Nineveh Plain, the home of Christians and other religions.