The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

The central Command of the Peshmerga forces in Kurdistan issued a statement

I Kurdistan’s Peshmerga Forces clashes with Iran’s terrorist IRGC yesterday night of June 23, . Several IRGC members, including a commander, were killed and injured in the clash. Unfortunately a brave Peshmerga, Saman Shiwasali, was martyred in the clash.

The statement was as follows.

The official statement of the commander of Peshmerga forces of Kurdistan.

We declare the continuation of the activities and national forces of the Peshmerga forces in the area of ​​Biranchar on the night of June 23, a group of Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the performance of their duties, in the mountains of Bashti Zawa and Kona Lajani, the Peshmerga forces were attacked by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the system. In this context, the regime announced the death of Stowan Do Mohammed Hashmi and injured in the name of Kasri Abdulalizada. After the clashes ended, the Peshmerga continued its struggle. Unfortunately, one of the Peshmerga’s heroes was named Saman Hassanpor,cited Known as Saman Shiwasali,.

About the life of the martyr Saman Shiwasali

Saman Hassanpour, son of Muhammad, born in 1988 in Sardasht, from a Kurdish national family, studied when hi was seven years old, Until he received the high diploma Shahdah year 2009 He was educated in the Kurdish case since childhood and was a patriot. He was arrested in 2006 by the Iranian intelligence forces. He was imprisoned for a period of seven months until 2016. He joined the Peshmerga forces in Kurdistan. Because of his courage and skill, he crossed the levels of military resources and recently became the commander of one of the Kurdish Peshmerga Corps.

Peace be upon your pure soul, martyr Saman Hassanpour, our condolences to the family and all his relatives.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran

The Central Command of the Peshmerga forces in Kurdistan

Corresponding to 23 June 2018