The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

The civil report today on strikes in Saqez city

Solidarity and support for the strikes that took place in the city of Bana,once again the citizens of the city of Saqz, beating in all markets to express their views and demands supporters of strikes that took place in the city of Bana.

In order to raise the voice of the right and claim rights due to the closure of commercial crossings, the strike is still ongoing, the towns of Bana, Sabrian, Mawlawe, Porya, Murad waysi, Kurdistan, Ahani, Bazirgan, Baqri, Mahmoudi, Amin, Almasi gharib,Zaiton,Arjomand, And all the markets that the are behind the municipalities and a very large part of all the markets of Saqz did the strike on Saturday, April 28.

The Iranian regime had besieged the city in all respects through the presence of spies and tried a lot to deprive the masses and the people but they did not succeed because the demands of citizens and the poor living conditions and the problems that deepen the more expensive the high and the lack of job opportunities and all this was much stronger than the regime and could not prevent the inhabitants of the city Of the strikes

In the strikes that took place in the city of Saqz, they complained to the security forces that and said that thay would respond to their demands on April 25, but they did not respond and the Iranian regime was always lying. They did not believe the and did not respond And this is what made them strike again