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The collapse of the currency cripples Iranian provinces and the Tehran bazaar

The main market in the Iranian capital Bazaar has witnessed a massive strike since Monday morning at the invitation of shop owners and economic activists to protest against high prices, rising commodity prices and deteriorating economic conditions.

Central markets in provinces and cities, such as Karaj, Hariz, irrigation and others, began to join the strike.

Activists have posted clips and photographs showing the presence of large numbers of police and internal security forces encircling the streets of Tehran’s bazaar to prevent demonstrations, as happened several weeks ago.

The strike comes after the Iranian currency depreciated by a record of 115 to 400 riyals against one dollar as of Monday morning, while the government has set a price of 42,000 riyals to the dollar for months.

A crowd of shopkeepers gathered on Sunday afternoon at the Spaza Meedan Square in Tehran, but faced an attack by police and security personnel who dispersed them.