The Republic of Kurdistan
"The best way to pay respect to our martyrs is to continue their struggle." - Dr. Ghassemlou

The commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces published a statement

The commander of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces published a statement on the new martyrs of the homeland.

The statement was as follows

Statement of the commander of the Peshmerga forces.

We have mentioned the martyrdom of two Peshmerga of party, in 08.09.2018 because of the aerial bombardment that took place on the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Koya.

Farouk Hassan Khayat was born in the city of Bokan in 1986 from a Kurdish national family. After going to school, Farouk obtained the highest degree in engineering. Farouk was an example of the strong and intelligent Peshmerga and the hero. Work hard to achieve freedom.

Martyr Mukhtar Kaderpour was born in the suburb of Tyrbughay, which is attributed to the city of Saqz in 1985 from the family of the Kurdish nation, was the martyred Mukhtar of the Peshmerga strong and loyal to the Kurdish issue, was a teacher at the headquarters of education and gives the lesson in the regular session of the Peshmerga.

As we have seen from the news of the martyrdom of two Peshmerga heroes this year on 8/8,9/8/ 2018not because of the intransigence that took place between the Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces and the Peshmerga forces in the region of Kalashin and it has been mentioned that the martyrs fought while they were the last area of ​​the soul fought for the homeland and Of liberty.

Shahid Ahmed Shabab Ibn Qadri from my family in the city of Mahabad, he joined the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran in 2016.

Martyr Nasser Azizi son of Khalid, known as a hajar from the people of Mahabad city, was a member of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Irani.

The martyrs participated in all partisan activities and with great regret they were martyred in their last mission.

By the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran and all the forces of Peshmerga Kurdistan on the occasion of the martyrdom of the 8/9 and the martyrs of Kalashin, we offer our condolences to all the people of Kurdistan and the families of martyrs and we share your grief and wish them patience and patience.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran
The official headquarters of the Peshmerga Kurdistan 8 of the month of September 2018